Operational testing procedures

Please ensure that all computers administering the assessments have the newest version of Kite Student Portal installed before students arrive for testing. Kite Student Portal downloads are available on the Kite Suite page for both Windows and Macintosh computers.

Students may now take the cPass operational assessments across multiple days. All cPass operational assessments have been split into two equal parts. Once students have finished the first part, they will be directed out of the assessment. Students may then begin the next part of the assessment on a subsequent day. If students have at least a three-hour block of time available for testing, they may reenter the test and finish the assessment in one sitting.

Students may not use a calculator on the cPass General CTE Assessment. Students should be provided with a clean sheet of scratch paper and a pen or pencil for the cPass General CTE Assessment as this assessment includes mathematics computation. At the end of the test administration, students must return the scratch paper to the test administrator. Scratch paper must be destroyed at the school, according to local test security policies. For all other cPass assessments, students may only use the calculators available within Kite Student Portal. No personal calculators are allowed.

Students may not use reference materials other than those provided within the cPass assessments. The General CTE Assessment provides a reference sheet of formulas; this is available in the toolbar for students. Students should not bring books, notes, or other materials into the testing environment.

To ensure that tests are secure, and that the results from the tests can be used in the future as intended, students may not have cell phones, smartphones, tablet devices, or other electronic devices at their computer workstations. A location where students can leave book bags, purses, backpacks, and electronic devices should be provided.

Test administrators should not review or discuss with students any secure test questions before, during, or after the assessment. Student login credentials are for students use only and may not be used by school personnel to access secure tests. Students and school personnel should not take notes on questions for use outside of the test administration, nor should students or school personnel record, photograph, rewrite, or otherwise copy secure test questions.