Operational Testing

Eight cPass® operational assessments are currently available for administration. These assessments typically begin in the fall of each year, and end in early May. For specific details on the start and end dates of testing windows, please consult the computer-based assessments table on our homepage.

The test specifications for each operational assessment can be found under the Test Specifications heading on this page. Note that module specifications can also be found within the assessment specification document for the related pathway (e.g., the Power, Structural, and Technical Systems specification is also part of the Comprehensive Agriculture specification).

Operational testing procedures
When administering any of the operational assessments, a number of rules and guidelines must be observed. Please review these guidelines before administering a test.

Before you start
Districts or individual schools wishing to administer cPass assessments outside the state of Kansas must ensure the Career Pathways Order Agreement Form is completed by an authorized representative of their school or district prior to enrolling students, teachers, or other test administrators into the Kite system to begin testing.

Completion of this form allows cPass staff to set up new organizations in the Kite system, so their authorized representatives may enroll staff and students involved in testing via the Kite Educator Portal.

If your organization is already set up in Educator Portal, your organization will be billed for any students you administer cPass assessments to, in accordance with the per-exam fees delineated in the Order Agreement.

For more information on registering students and administering the cPass assessments outside the state of Kansas, please view the following video.


For those administering cPass assessments in the state of Kansas, you will need to submit a TEST record for your students in the KIDS system. Please refer to the KSDE website for more documentation on the data required to enroll Kansas students for cPass assessments within the KIDS system, or contact KSDE KIDS support. Per-exam fees are handled by KSDE for all Kansas organizations.

cPass operational assessments come equipped with a number of tools that students may use to ease their test-taking experience.

For students with disabilities, accommodations are available for the operational General CTE and Comprehensive Agriculture Assessments.

For questions about any of these procedures, please contact kap-support@ku.edu or 785-864-3537. Any technical issues experienced with Kite should be directed to the Service Desk at 855-277-9755 or kite-support@ku.edu.