cPass Assessments Start Operational Testing November 1, 2017

The cPass assessments will begin the 2017 operational testing season on November 1, 2017.

The Career Pathways Collaborative will be offering 8 computer-based assessments for the 2017–2018 operational windows. Additionally, 10 of our performance-based Career Competency Qualifications (CCQs) will be available. The list of assessments can be found on the Career Pathways main page.

In Kansas, the Kansas Department of Education will cover the exam fees for all cPass assessments for all students. Signing your students up to take a cPass assessment follows guidelines similar to those for signing them up for the state assessments. Please see the Operational Testing section of the Career Pathways website for more information.

For those wishing to administer cPass assessments in Colorado, you will need to complete an Order Agreement Form and be enrolled as a user in KITE Educator Portal. Find more information on the Operational Testing section of the Career Pathways website.

If you have questions, please check the cPass FAQ or contact us.