The accommodations available for cPass assessments are outlined below. Operational tests allow for all of the below accommodations. For pilot tests, all accommodations are available except text-to-speech (TTS).

Students will need a Personal Needs and Preferences Profile (PNP) uploaded into Educator Portal to receive any of these accommodations.

Color Overlay

The overlay color is the background color of the test. The default color is white; you may select an alternate color if needed. Color options are light blue, light yellow, light grey, light red, and light green.

Reverse Contrast

The reverse contrast choice will adjust the background color to black with white lettering.


The masking option allows the student to cover parts of the test. There are two options for masking: student-controlled and automatic. Student-controlled masking allows students to adjust and move the masking boxes around as needed. Automatic masking covers the answers when the question is first presented. Students will then be allowed to click to uncover the answer choices.

Color Contrast

The color contrast option allows you to choose from several background and lettering color schemes. Options are grey text on black background, yellow text on black background, green text on white background, and red text on white background.

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Directions and test items will be read aloud.

Personal Needs and Preferences Profile (PNP)
The PNP is intended to meet the needs of all learners, including those with disabilities. It defines a learner's needs and preferences for digitally-delivered resources or services. The PNP can be accessed from the Student Record in Educator Portal. The PNP includes three categories:

  1. Display enhancements: How resources are to be presented and structured;
  2. Language & Braille: How content is communicated to the learner (not currently available for cPass assessments); and
  3. Audio & Environment Supports: How content is audibly delivered and the testing environment is adapted to fit a learner's needs.